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Who We Are

Rolling Hill Bees was started with a general interest in bees which soon led into a passion! Soon after, Rolling Hill Bees began to expand its beehive count and knowledge very quickly. 

Now one of our main goals is to educate the general public about bees and help reverse the stereotype regarding bees. Bees, especially native, solitary bees are essential to our ecosystems! 

Rolling Hill Bees is always trying new things. We are trying to create the best living space for bees, the best ways for bees to coexist with people, and create new flavors for our honey!

Swarm of Bees

Meet The Team

Our founder

Brodie Halker

    Brodie is our operations manager, head beekeeper, and founder. He loves flying airplanes, falconry, beekeeping, and running businesses!


    Sam Koch

      Sam is our second in command but soon to be head beekeeper! Sam enjoys swimming competitively and spending time outdoors.

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