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Why buy Rolling Hill Bees Honey?

Buying local honey to your region and honey that has not been heated or microfiltered has many great benefits to health and how your body digests the sugars! First of all, honey contains particles of pollen from surrounding flowers. This pollen can act similar to how a vaccine would, getting your body used to the pollens from near by, helping with allergies. We filter all of the large particles of wax, dust, and bees out of the honey but leave the micro particles of pollen! 

Many honey producers pasteurize their honey to obtain a better shelf life and reduce the chance of the honey spoiling or fermenting. This heating kills off the yeast, which is responsible for honey sometimes spoiling but it also kills many enzymes in the honey which allow your body to better digest the sugars. The pasteurized honey is similar to sugar syrup.


At Rolling Hill Bees, we do not microfilter or pasteurize our honey, leaving you with the best product from local bees!

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