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Want Your Own Bees?

But need someone to take care of them?

Rolling Hill Bees provides a a beehive management service for residential customers!

How Does It Work?

1. One of our professional beekeepers will come and assess possible places for the bees to be placed and talk with you about your desires for the hives and set up a personal plan for you!

2. After scheduling times and dates that work for you, our beekeepers will come and install the bees and do the desired landscaping around the hive. We source our bees from local apiaries that show well mannered and docile bees that are reluctant to sting.

3. We will visit your bees every 3-4 weeks to perform routine inspections and to make sure everything is running smoothly. We send detailed hive reports to you after each inspection so you know how your bees are doing!

4. In the fall, we will pull any excess honey from the beehives, extract the honey from the honey comb, and bottle it for you!

(In the event that a beehive were to not make it or show a level of over aggression, we will replace it for you at no additional cost)


What's In It For You?

  • A high quality wooden beehive designed to fit your scenery setting and fit your aesthetic desires.

  • Extracted and bottled honey straight from your backyard!

  • Getting to know your bees through guided hive inspections with a professional beekeeper! 


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Have Questions?

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